8th International Public Transport Forum

Public Transport: Promoting Connectivity in a Changing Environment



21 May


12:00 to 19:00


Messehaus – M1

Welcome Lunch (12:30) Sponsored by MOLIT, Republic of Korea


Opening and Welcome Remarks (13:45) 

  • Vice Minister, MOLIT Republic of Korea
  • Young-Tae Kim, Secretary General, ITF


Photo Session (13:50)


Keynote Speeches (14:00) 

  • Ulf Middelberg, Management Director, Leipzig Public Transport Authority.   

Connectivity Masterplan for Leipzig and its Region

  • Jaehak Oh, President of KOTI, 

Korea’s Initiatives in Public Transport & Smart Mobility


Session 1 (14:30)

Travel behaviour change and shared mobility: Impacts on public transport  

Will travel behaviour change significantly in the next decade? Will public transport services change significantly in the next decade? How might demand for public transport services evolve in the next 10 years? How should public transport supply and regulation adapt?  

Chair: Andrew Jackson, Managing Director, Consulting Jackson Ltd.

Speakers :

  • Kiron Chatterjee, Associate Professor, University of West England

Travel Behaviour: What has Changed?

  • Regina Clewlow, CEO, Populus.ai

Weak signals and outliers – emerging behavior and how it might matter 

  • Joohwan Jung, CEO, Kakao Mobility 

Shared mobility in Korea: Impacts & social conflicts


  • Clayton Lane, Mobility Specialist, WhereIsMyTransport
  • Robert Valkovic, Principal Transport Specialist, ADB
  • Tom Worsley, Visiting Fellow, University of Leeds


Coffee Break (15:50)


Session 2 (16.20)

Effective policy frameworks for responding to changing environments and demand

How have governments responded to changing demand on public transport systems to ensure they provide the services needed by citizens at affordable cost? What contracting arrangements have proved most successful and most flexible?

Chair: Guangzhe Chen, Senior Director, World Bank Group


  • Ricardo Hurtubia, Professor, Universidad Catolica de Chile

The experience of reforming bus concessions in Santiago de Chile

  • Graham Currie, Professor, Monash University, Melbourne

Good practice in concessions for public transport

  • Nak Moon Sung, Chief Director, The Korea Transport Institute

Integrating Public Transport System in Seoul Metropolitan Region: Experience & challenges


  • Hironori Kato, Professor, University of Tokyo
  • Dong Wook Cho, Vice President, Korea Smart Card Company
  • Jin -Hyuk Chung, Vice-chairman, Korean Society of Transportation 

Session 3 (17.40)

Regional connectivity: Public transport and strategic development

Public transport is lifeblood of employment markets. Investments in metro and rail systems can transform regional economies. But which kinds of investment deliver the biggest benefits what can research usefully bring to decision-making? 

Chair: Stephen Perkins


  • Jean-Claude Prager, Director, Societé du Grand Paris, 

Le Grand Paris Express, autonomous regional metro, economic and urban impacts

  • Jin Hyuk Jung, Vice-chairman, Korean Society of Transportation 

Seoul metropolitan rapid railway: Impacts on people’s life & urban development 

  • Jooyeon Lee, Associate Research Fellow, KOTI 

15 years of KTX operation: Impacts and future direction


  • Chia-Lin Chen, Professor, University of Liverpool. 
  • Emile Quninet, Professor, Paris School of Economics
  • Robert Guild, Chief Sector Officer, ADB


Practical Information:


Date: The 8th International Public Transport Forum will take place on Tuesday, 21 May, one day prior to the official opening of the ITF Summit on Wednesday, 22 May.


Where: The venue for the forum is Leipziger Messe, Leipzig.


Registration: If you are registered to the ITF Summit, you can attend the International Public Transport forum at no extra cost, up to the capacity of the venue. To confirm your attendance, please email Mr. Youngkook Kim at Youngkook.Kim@itf-oecd.org to register for this Forum.


Please note that there will not be a shuttle service to the venue, Leipziger Messe. The Leipziger Messe is easily accessible by public transport from the city centre and official hotels. More information here .

ITF Summit badges will be ready for collection at CCL Registration Desk.