Summit Highlights video


Ministerial Declaration 

2019 Summit Ministerial Declaration on Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration (PDF)


Joint Statement of Ministers participating in the Ministers’ Roundtable on Transport and Climate: Moving forward from COP 24   


Session Summaries

ITF Transport Outlook (includes video recording)

Connecting regions through rail (includes video recording)

Connecting places and people: Which policies for better integration of cities and urban regions? (includes video recording)

Ensuring access for remote and rural communities (includes video recording)

Improving access in cities: Findings from Europe and Latin America (includes video recording)

Resilient connectivity: Minimising the impact of network disruptions

Women's travel and participation in regional transport systems (includes video recording)

Maximising regional value through maritime connectivity investment (includes video recording)

Connecting global regions for sustainable economic growth (includes video recording)

Ensuring regional air connectivity (includes video recording)

Decarbonising Transport: Towards a catalogue of effective measures (includes video recording)

Connecting vehicles and infrastructure (includes video recording)

Towards safe, efficient and sustainable road freight transport – infrastructure and vehicle fleet perspective

Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Success factors for integrated mobility solutions? (includes video recording)

Prosperity through connectivity: Tourism and regional sustainable development (includes video recording)

Looking towards the 2020 Summit: Transport innovation for sustainable development



ITF Transport Outlook 2019

Governing Transport in the Algorithmic Age

Expanding Innovation Horizons: Learning from Transport Solutions in the Global South

New Directions for Data-Driven Transport Safety

Improving Transport Planning and Investment Through the Use of Accessibility Indicators

Road Safety in European Cities: Performance Indicators and Governance Solutions

Benchmarking Accessibility in Cities: Measuring the Impact of Proximity and Transport Performance


Media Releases 

Governing transport in the algorithmic age
23 May 2019

Tunisia joins the International Transport Forum
23 May 2019

SPEA Engineering joins ITF Corporate Partnership Board
23 May 2019

Transport demand set to triple, but sector faces potential disruptions
22 May 2019

World transport ministers meet to improve connectivity
21 May 2019

Oxford University researcher honoured for study of Rio de Janeiro bus project
17 May 2019