Towards safe, efficient and sustainable road freight transport – infrastructure and vehicle fleet perspective

ITF in Focus Session



22 May


09:00 to 10:30


Hall 4, Level +1

Road freight transport is forecast to continue to grow substantially in most countries. The anticipated increase in infrastructure capacity will not, on its own, be sufficient to accommodate projected traffic levels at socially acceptable cost. Approaches that relate to both, the vehicle fleet and the infrastructure are needed. Using high capacity vehicles (HCVs) is one of the most efficient measures to absorb some of this growth and to reduce CO2 emissions. In hand with this come new policies for extending the life of road assets. 

This session is based on recently published ITF-reports which are results from two working groups: Policies to Extend the Life of Road Assets, By mitigating deterioration caused by trucks (PELRA) and High Capacity Transport: Towards Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Road Freight.

The session examines international experience with HCVs and discusses policies to extend the life of road assets by mitigating the road infrastructure wear. Measures designed to improve the environmental performance of road freight can often contribute to longer life span of road assets. The consequences of these approaches on other transport modes, industry and society are discussed. 



Christopher Walker

Associate Dean, University Relations

Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Miglé Blusevičiūtė

Policy Manager

CLECAT (European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services)

Jerker Sjögren


Jesjo Konsult

Loes Aarts

Senior Advisor Freight Transport

National Road Administration Rijkswaterstaat

Alan McKinnon

Professor of Logistics

Kühne Logistics University Hamburg