Commuter Mobility – Collaboration for New Intermodal Solutions

Organised by Volkswagen Sustainability Council

Closed Event


22 May


09:30 to 12:30


Messehaus – M6


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Today, commuting is a major challenge for cities, companies, and their employees. It is becoming increasingly severe due to human settlement and mobility patterns, congestion, absence of sufficient public transport, driving bans in cities and many other factors. Only a joint effort of affected cities, mobility solution providers, companies, science, and the commuters itself can solve this problem. To balance these heterogeneous interests, it requires a broad dialogue addressing the following question: How can the involved parties cooperate to develop new sustainable and intermodal mobility solutions for commuting? 


To discuss this question and learn from existing best practices, the Volkswagen Group’s Sustainability Council brings together the perspectives of city authorities, commuters, and mobility providers. 


You want to join the event? Please apply via email to Ms. Pauline Sprenger, Office of the Sustainability Council: pauline.sprenger@volkswagen.de. Please point out your interest and professional relation to the topic