Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue

Stakeholder Event


24 May


09:00 to 10:30


MPA2, Level 0

Maritime logistics is essential for trade: obstacles in the maritime logistics chain have immediate repercussions on trade. The maritime logistics chain consists of many different actors with different roles that are highly interdependent. This means that the performance of the individual actors is to an important extent determined by the behaviour of other actors. There are currently no comprehensive performance indicators for the maritime logistics chain. What exist are indicators on logistics in general and on parts of the maritime logistics chain. As a result, there is a lack of visibility on the performance of maritime logistics chain: performance information is fragmented and often not publicly available. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to have evidence-based dialogue on bottlenecks. A win-win approach is possible if better performance information on the maritime logistics chain would be available.

 The Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue brings together stakeholders from the maritime logistics chain, including representatives from the shipping sector, shippers, ports, terminals and freight forwarders. The format of this session is a round table discussion.

 Main questions:

  • What could good performance indicators for maritime logistics look like?
  • What elements should be taken into account?
  • How could stakeholders support the development of such indicators?



Lamia Kerdjoudj Belkaid

Secretary General, FEPORT

Olaf Merk

Economist, Ports and Shipping

International Transport Forum

Tan Chong Meng


PSA International

Pyers Tucker

Corporate Development