Hydrogen for zero-emission mobility

Organised by Alstom and Toyota Group

Official Side Event


22 May


16:45 to 18:15


Hall 4, Level +1

With the expected increase of world population to 9,7 billion inhabitants by 2050, out of which 70% are projected to live in urban areas, the issues of raising mobility needs, and their related impacts require urgent transformations. Today transport generates around 25% of worldwide CO2 emissions, therefore decarbonizing transport is becoming more and more a central part of national low carbon strategies. Hydrogen technology represents an efficient enabler to pave the way towards a more sustainable and emissions-free society of tomorrow. Many countries are considering or have already launched initiatives on hydrogen for mobility needs.

This session aims to provide an insight on the most recent advances and projects in hydrogen technologies for the transport sector, especially in rail and road fields, as well as discuss the potential of hydrogen to emerge as a competitive solution through strong ecosystems of actors and adapted public policies. The session opens an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to share their vision, views, experiences and knowledge related to hydrogen-based solutions for the transport sector.



  • Wolfram Schwab, R&D and Innovation Vice President, Alstom, France
  • Stephan Herbst - General Manager - Toyota Motor Europe, Belgium
  • Mr. Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions - Linde Group, Germany

Moderator: Jorgo Chatzimarkakis - General Secretary - Hydrogen Europe, Belgium


Contact: Ms. Lola Azimova, Global Commercial Manager, Alstom lola.azimova@alstomgroup.com