Launch of Global Fuel Economy Initiative 2.0

Organised by the Global Fuel Economy Initiative

Stakeholder Event


23 May


12:45 to 14:15


MPA4, Level 0

 To meet global climate targets the emissions of the global fleet need to go to near zero. How are we going to achieve this? What actions are needed to get there?

 The GFEI is the leading global initiative to improve the efficiency of the global fleet. It is supporting countries around the world to introduce policies for cleaner and more efficient vehicles. It is a partnership of expert groups which have worked together for 10 years to support governments around the world to set policies for cleaner and more efficient vehicles. Our approach is evidence- based. We work with policymakers and stakeholders to understand the issues each country faces and to establish a national fuel economy baseline. Then we use our global toolkit of policy options to explore appropriate policy options to make vehicle fleets more fuel efficient.

2019 is GFEI’s 10th anniversary. Since we began our work around 70 countries have begun developing fuel economy policies with our support. This event will re-launch and refresh GFEI’s mission in the context of ever-changing global mobility trends and the tightening window to address the climate impact of vehicles.



  • Gloria Hutt Hesse, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Chile (Invited)
  • Young Tae Kim – Secretary General, ITF, GFEI Partner
  • Dan Sperling – Founding Director, ITS Davis, GFEI Partner
  • Lew Fulton, Director, STEPS+ programme at University of California, Davis
  • Rob de Jong, UN Environment, Head of Air Quality and Mobility
  • Pierpaolo Cazzola, Senior Energy and Transport Analyst, IEA
  • Saul Billingsley – Executive Director, FIA Foundation, GFEI Partner
  • Sheila Watson – Deputy Director FIA Foundation 

Speakers Biographies:


Contact person: Ms. Beatrice Dumaswala, Communications Coordinator, GFEI b.dumaswala@fiafoundation.org