Polis University

Authors: Vojna Ngjeqari, Xhevair Ngjeqari


Transport Transit of Euro-Atlantic Freight: Shortening by 380-1200km current road and maritime routes through the Albanian coast.

East Europe and Balkan currently transport their freight to South-Central Italy, Africa and the America continents and vice versa through the Port of Thessaloniki or the Black Sea, due to the lack of Ports on the Albanian coastline.

The research reveals that construction of a new Port in Albania, shortens by 380-1200 km for the inter-regional trade between East & Southeast European countries with other regions compared to the current maritime routes.


Panama- Africa construction without locks

Transversion of Central Africa waterways from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean through the great lakes and rivers of Africa (Kongo River, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, River Rufiji.

The projects asses the waterway connection of Atlantic Ocean with the main lakes in Central Africa to ensure the development of tourism, fishing, trade, urbanisation, environmental, hydrological and drinking water and municipal water supply. The project connects the waterways in Africa without locks.