Full Name

Clayton Lane

Director of Business Development

Clayton has 20 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, mobility expert, and international executive. He is a collaborator, communicator, and builder. Clayton co-founded PhillyCarShare and grew it to become the largest regional car-sharing system in the world, serving 50,000 members, nearly 500 vehicles, and achieving ~90% market share. PhillyCarShare displaced about 20,000 cars, reduced driving by ~50 million miles, and avoided ~46,000 tons of CO2. The company received accolades as a Harvard Innovation in American Government finalist, Best Places to Work, and EPA's prestigious Environmental Achievement. More recently as CEO of ITDP, COO of EMBARQ, and Deputy Director of WRI Cities, Clayton has led 100-200 passionate professionals to influence mobility policy & plans in over 50 cities of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and the U.S. Clayton has played key roles in raising over $100 million; leading strategy; and forging partnerships with governments, banks, UN agencies, NGOs & companies. He also has overseen top-notch research teams authoring the "Bike Share Planning Guide" and BRT and TOD Standards. Outcomes have tangibly improved lives -- from bike sharing in Tianjin and Guangzhou, to complete streets in Chennai, to Mexico's groundbreaking climate policy. Clayton's background is city planning and mobility. He currently advises WhereIsMyTransport on data strategy and international partnerships -- empowering people and cities to access opportunity in greener, safer, inclusive mobility. He speaks regularly at high-profile international events. Most recently, he played a key role in developing the Shared Mobility Principles. Clayton began his career as a transport planner with PB, where he led BRT & rail plans; and estimated ridership, costs, and economic impact. Clayton holds two Masters degrees from MIT in transport and city planning. He loves cities, technology & culture, and enjoys dancing salsa, photography, and triathlons.

Improving access in cities: Findings from Europe and Latin America
Friday, May 24, 2019 - 09:00 10.30