Join us at the 2019 Summit on Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration!

Good physical connections - between continents, countries or cities – are built also on close personal links among those who shape our transport systems. The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the place where the major players come together. Since 2008, policy makers and regulators, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, transport researchers and heads of International Organisations engage in three days of global dialogue for better transport during the last week of May. If you want to get the inside view of how the great transport transformation is playing out across modes, across regions, across societies, across the globe, join us in Leipzig from 22 to 24 May.

Young Tae Kim 

Secretary-General, International Transport Forum

Transport is a key link that connects people to people, and people to places. In particular, transport is closely related to ensuring a decent life for all, as it gives people access to schools, hospitals, and communities. Thus, providing an inclusive transport for all members of society is crucial for strengthening the sense of unity in communities. When we lift our eyes to the entire world, we can easily find advanced means of transport connecting countries and even continents. The development of cross-border transportation facilitates exchanges of people and goods, which contributes to regional socio-economic integration and ultimately, to building peace. Accordingly, the International Transport Forum’s 2019 Summit will be held under the theme of "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" to provide opportunities to share and advance each countries' policies and visions. I would like to ask for your participation so that we can share our wisdom and expertise together.

Hyun-mee Kim

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea

Connectivity is the major trend of our generation. It shapes the way in which we work, live and get from one place to another. Automated and connected transport services offer an ever-increasing number of opportunities for mobility that is tailored to individual needs, whether you live in a major urban area or in a rural region. In the future, Artificial Intelligence and smart infrastructure will help us to manage rail, road and waterborne traffic flows even more efficiently. They will allow us to combine the different transport modes in an appropriate way, and to carry passengers and goods in a cleaner, safer and speedier manner across borders to their destination. If you want to participate in actively shaping this mobility of the future, the 2019 Summit of the International Transport Forum, where the international mobility elite meet, is the right place for you. Join us to discuss and experience the opportunities and challenges of this increasingly interconnected world. We look forward to seeing you.

Andreas Scheuer

Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany