Plenary Session

22 May

Connecting global regions for sustainable economic growth

Opening remarks by the 2019 ITF Presidency Korea

Around the globe, between countries, from city to city, or to the other side of town, good transport infrastructure and efficient mobility services bring people together and goods to their markets. The connectivity that transport provides widens horizons and opens up opportunities. It builds stronger communities and expands their reach. It strengthens our economies and helps our societies to prosper.

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23 May

Fostering connectivity across borders

  • How have Transport Ministers’ previous recommendations on overcoming border crossing obstacles been implemented? What are the key remaining issues and policy challenges?
  • How can public funding priorities be aligned across borders?
  • How can investment risks be minimised and integrated in contractual frameworks given uncertainty about the scale and scope of future transport demand?  Do governments need to invest more in the capacity to process security, immigration/visas, customs and transport permits at land borders? How can these costs be offset?

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24 May

Connecting places and people: Which policies for better integration of cities and urban regions?

  • What are examples of effective integrated transport planning for large metropolitan regions and mega-cities?
  • How can better spatial and physical accessibility contribute to social and economic inclusion?
  • How has door-to-door connectivity for people with reduced mobility improved? What challenges remain?

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