Official Side Event

22 May

The Belt & Road: Delivering Sustainable Transport for EurAsia

Organised by the IRF, BSEC and CHTS

Launched in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to alter the socio-economic landscape along the Silk Road linking Asia and Europe. The first phase of these multi-billion dollar infrastructure investments focuses on developing and modernising means of transport covering highways, railways, ports, airports and pipelines.

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Safety for Vulnerable Road Users – New challenges of modern Mobility

Organised by DEKRA


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Integrated Transport Networks in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond

Organised by UNESCAP and ADB

The event will focus on the issue of transport connectivity in Asia and the Pacific, presenting the regional approach to connectivity and assessing the progress reached in the identification and operation of the regional transport network.

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Hydrogen for zero-emission mobility

Organised by Alstom and Toyota Group

With the expected increase of world population to 9,7 billion inhabitants by 2050, out of which 70% are projected to live in urban areas, the issues of raising mobility needs, and their related impacts require urgent transformations. Today transport generates around 25% of worldwide CO2 emissions, therefore decarbonizing transport is becoming more and more a central part of national low carbon strategies.

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23 May

Corridors financial sustainability: options and approaches

Organised by the World Bank

The objective is to discuss the financial and fiscal sustainability of the road sector, in particular in the context of corridor development and regional integration, looking in particular at the extension of the TEN-T network to the Western Balkans and to the Eastern Partnership countries.

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Connectivity for Development: The Mesoamerican Experience

Organised by Inter-American Development Bank

The geographic position and the interoceanic regional infrastructure of Mesoamerican countries are relevant to the regional and global trade outlook. At a national level, improving transportation connectivity and logistics performance has been recognized as a means towards better competitiveness and economic development, therefore, the region has made great efforts to increase the coverage, quality and connectivity of its transportation infrastructure through the implementation of programs and policies in transport and freight logistic sector in the last decades.

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24 May

Global Approach for Safer Motorcycling

Organised by International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association and International Motorcycling Federation

The Side Event will exchange best practices, identify needs for global and regional policy action and deliver recommendations for consideration at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety on 19–20 February 2020 in Stockholm ‘Achieving Global Goals’.

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